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Pradeep Metals: The Pinnacle of Metal Forging Companies in India

Pradeep Metals: The Pinnacle of Metal Forging Companies in India

Pradeep Metals was launched in 1982 by Late Mr. Ved Goyal and his son Pradeep Goyal as a Private Limited firm. Ved Goyal was a qualified chartered engineer who had vast experience in the heavy engineering and steelmaking industries. His aim was to produce and deliver high-quality products to their clients. Pradeep Goyal is an expert metallurgist and together, the father-son combination developed their business to provide steel forgings of top quality to customers across the globe.

Ved Goyal retired from the company in 1992 and pursued a successful career in politics in which he served in the Lok Sabha and also as the minister of shipping in the central government between 2001-03. Pradeep Metals continues to deliver on his founding principles and generates annual sales of more than 1 billion INR. The company strives to improve its capabilities, quality, and client happiness levels to greater heights.

What is Metal Forge or Forging?

In India, metal forging is a vital industrial process utilized in the manufacturing industry. This procedure provides the needed shape to the forged metal. In basic workshops, forging involves heating up the metal and hammering it into the required shape. However, the process is more advanced in industries where multiple types of forging procedures are leveraged. At Pradeep Metals, a forging machine is used to perform precision forging to provide a good finish and superior qualities to the material. Furthermore, the process is automated to save time.

What is Machine Forging?

Forging or metal forge is a crucial industrial manufacturing process that has been extensively used since the Industrial Revolution era to make machine parts. During that period, blacksmiths used to perform the task, but in today’s business world, machine forging is carried out to ensure precise forging and to accelerate the process.

Metal forge involves shaping the selected metal into the needed shape by the application of localized external forces. A die-cast or industrial hammer is harnessed to deliver the required force. Forging can be classified into multiple types depending on temperature and the procedure utilized. Today, this manufacturing method has become a large-scale industrial sector.

Common Forging Types

The following are widely used types of metal forge in the manufacturing industry:

  • Induction forging
  • Multidirectional forging
  • Cold Forging
  • Automated hot forging
  • Near shape and net shape forging
  • Roll Forging
  • Upset Forging
  • Press forging
  • Closed die forging
  • Open die drop forging
  • Drop Forging

Advantages of Forging

Precision machine forging gives an excellent surface finish and the exact dimensions to the finished metal. Therefore, low machining is needed for this procedure. Many kinds of forging material can be utilized in this process, including brass, steel, and aluminum, as well as alloys. This industrial process is cost-effective and the finished products have superior strength, durability, and grain flow compared to casted machine or machined parts.

The expertise of Pradeep Metals

Pradeep Metals is one of the best metal forging companies in India and it manufactures flanges, forges, manifolds, material grades, valves, and automatics and gears. The firm has its facilities in India and the US to design and make these products. At these factories, the company performs advanced processes such as design and engineering, forging, die and tool development, testing practices, and validation. Pradeep Metals is the leading machine forging enterprise in India because it leverages advanced technology and proven manufacturing methods to deliver high-quality products to its clients.

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