Corporate Social Responsibilty


  • Company-wide medical insurance
  • 360° worker safety measures
  • Check list for PPE , department wise prepared and displayed in the factory
  • Adherence to ISI standards for fire and evacuation
  • Fire hydrant system with ring main throughout the factory premises under installation
  • Safety mock drills – once in 6 months
  • Firefighter training conducted on regular basis
  • First aid training given to 20 employees
  • Emergency contact details displayed
  • Mechanical Emergency siren installed
  • Periodic Health check up for employees
  • ETP plant under installation
  • Stage 1 IMS audit completed. Stage 2 planned in 1st week of June
  • Safety committee formed under HR head and qualified safety engineer as a permanent member
  • Work Permit system started


  • Rain water harvesting
  • Moved from liquid fuels to natural gas
  • Recuperators to increase heating efficiency by 20%
  • Mist collectors installed on CNC machines
  • Low power T5 lighting
  • Hammers converted from Pneumatic to Hydraulic
  • Springs provided in hammer foundation to reduce noise and vibration by 85%
  • Replacing asbestos roofing sheets with Galvalume & Polycarbonate sheets
  • Polycarbonate sheets will provide natural light in the factory during day time
  • Wind Mill commissioned on 31stMarch, 2015 to cover 95% of the total energy requirement of the company


  • Financial assistance to Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation (NGO teaching 1.4 milllion children in 54,000 schools across rural India)