Closed Die Forgings

What is Closed die Forgings?

Closed die forgings which are often referred to as Impression die forgings are one of the most important industrial process used in the precision manufacturing industry. For this type of forging process, a huge mould is prepared within which the metal is placed and the force is applied to get the finally forging metal. Though the initial setup cost for the impression dies forging is higher than other processes but still, it is extensively used because the production cost is very low as compared to the other processes and the forged material gets 20% higher strength to weight ratio than the other machining or forging processes.


Advantages of Closed die forging:

  •  Has an increased grain flow
  • Very high in strength and tightness
  • It is a very cost effective process considering the low production cost
  • Suitable for all kinds of materials like steel, brass and aluminium
  • Has a better surface finish thus very low machining is required
  • Highly eco-friendly process


The Process of closed die forging:

Impression die to forge is generally used in the automobile industry and several other sectors of the manufacturing industry where forging of huge metal alloy parts are required. The closed die forgings of materials are done because it gives the metal high strength and toughness though the initial setup cost is high. In this process, the dies are separated into two halves and they move towards each other completely covering the workpiece. Then the raw material is heated above the recrystallization temperature and placed in the bottom die. The impact or the external force is applied from the above, which forges the material into required shape. This type of casting is absolutely suitable for all kinds of materials like steel, brass and aluminium.