Super Duplex Forgings

Industrial forging is done on various metals; from stainless steel to aluminium, there are several processes of forging used in the manufacturing industry but the most commonly forged metal in the manufacturing sector is the stainless steel.

What is super duplex forging?

The duplex steel has the best qualities of the austenitic as well as the ferric phases and they provide several advantages like high yield strength and corrosion resistance whereas the super duplex steel is more complex in its composition and they offer even higher value of ductility as well as corrosion resistance thereby making them perfect for various challenging situations. Thus, the forging process carried on the duplex steel is dubbed as duplex forging and similarly the process carried out on the super duplex one is called the super duplex forging.

Super Duplex Forging Process:

We already know that the forging can be done on various kinds of metals but the most commonly forged metal is the stainless steel forging process. But stainless steel has several variations too and duplex or super duplex stainless steel is some of the best quality steel that is used in the forging industry. Be it a super duplex steel or duplex steel, the main difference between these metal alloys is in their carbon content, grain size, austenitic-ferric phases and the percentage of other compositions used like chromium.

The process of shaping metal using localised external forces is generally known as forging. The most common process of forging is heating the metal to extreme temperatures then shaping it by using a hammer or a die cast.  For carrying out the super duplex forging or duplex forging process, the steel alloy is basically heated above the recrystallization temperature and then it is forged by applying an external force to get high formability, tensile strength and ductility.

Benefits of Super Duplex Forging:

  • Higher yield strength, durability and tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low price
  • High weldability and toughness