Pradeep metals Limited

With a history of quality excellence and experienced technocrats, Pradeep Metals Limited manufactures closed-die forgings for the Valve, Instrumentation, Petrochemical, and General Engineering industries around the world.
The production plant is integrated with state-of-the-art facilities for design, die tooling, laboratory testing, cutting, forging, heat-treating, and machining. By working closely with our customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we can achieve lead times of only 5 days; A testimony to our focus on customer satisfaction for three decades. Read More


Using cutting-edge design and simulation tools, we can rapidly create precise and accurate die moulds everytime.


Our in-house machining centre ensures that products adhere to strict customer specifications and tolerances.


A wide range of presses and hammers give us a forging range of 50g to 60kg and enables us to create complex forgings.