Evolving With The Changing Landscape of Ball Valve Industry

Ball valves are devices which are a part of the quarter-turn valve family. They are spherically enclosed and are units that provide the devices they are used for with the on/off control of flow. Ball valves primarily provide mechanical devices with direction and modulation for the flow of liquids or gas. They are the most reliable choice for gas applications, because of their tight shutoff. Ball valve manufacturers have to make sure that the port (small opening in the ball valve) and the structure of ball valves remain intact for proper and durable functioning. Pradeep Metals transcend in manufacturing ball valves with a fine finish, accurate in their dimensions, and have high-end corrosion-resistant properties.

Trends Ball Valve Manufacturers Should Be Aware Of

Industries are adapting to various new trends that elevate the ball valve stratum of metal forging. The two most popular of these trends are as follows:

  • Smart Valves– Operated through intelligent control systems that have networking and processing capability. Allows for a faster response and increased reliability than standard valve control systems.
  • Globe Valves– Offering features such as in-suite seat arrangement, guided disk arrangement, non-rotating stem, etc., globe valves require less hand wheel effort and provide better sealing.

Pradeep Metals has been one of the biggest valve manufacturers in India for longer than a decade. Providing the finesse in manufacturing according to the needs of our clients and meeting the new trends to provide additional reliability, we have set industry standards in manufacturing ball valves, which has helped us grow our manufacturing process into a 100 crore market capitalization. Leveraging advanced technology and refined manufacturing process, Pradeep Metals aims to grow as the most prominent ball valve manufacturers in India.

Government support and initiatives like “Make in India” have provided a boost in the demand for metal forging services across all industries in India. The need for manufacturers like Pradeep Metals is visible and a leveraging point, through which, we aim at elevating our market cap to another 100 crores within the next 5 years. This can be attributed to Pradeep Metals’ 21.7% growth in the total income in the year 2018 over 2017. With manufacturing units in both, India and the USA, Pradeep Metals aims in expanding its operations into more countries as the demand grows over the years. In the USA, Pradeep Metals currently operates under the moniker of Dimensional Machine Works, Dallas, and aims to set up its own manufacturing plant soon.

With the market cap of 110 crores, Pradeep Metals makes annual sales of over 175 crores and is expanding at an exponential upwards route. With India’s total GDP size expected to exceed over $3 trillion in 2019, Pradeep Metals continues to enhance its machining capacity and capabilities by adding CNC Turning Centers, Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) and other equipment to address the rising demand of finished machined components and sub-assemblies, and elevate the productivity and profitability of the company.

This makes Pradeep Metals one of the best manufacturers in the metal forging industry in India. One of the exemplary services Pradeep Metals provide is ball valve manufacturing. With the capacity for ball valve manufacturing reaching its peak in the marketplace, Pradeep Metals aims at utilizing this opportunity to elevate its operational capabilities and establishing a new zenith in the manufacturing of ball valves.

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