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Forged Steel Valves- Prominent trends in the Forging Industry

Valves are widely used for industrial applications across all spectrums. Designed in a variety of kinds, all valves are manufactured through various processes. One of these processes is forging. Forged steel valve manufacturing is a widely used process for the production of strong and reliable valves, and Pradeep Metals has emerged as one of the sternest forged steel valve manufacturers in India. With closed die forging, steel valves manufactured by Pradeep Metals comes with its own set of advantages such as no wastage of material, great strength, high density, and less wall thickness. Forged steel valves have a better build, uniformity in structure, and superior strength over other processes like casting.

Growth of Stainless Steel Forging in India

Original equipment manufacturers prefer forged products over other types for durability and reliability. India has become the 3rd largest manufacturers for forging in the world over the past decade, closely trailing Germany and China. Forging industry has become the most prominent contributor to the Indian manufacturing industry overall. The installed capacity for forging in India has grown from approximately 25 lakh Metric Tonnes to 39.4 lakh Metric Tonnes in just the span of a decade. Moreover, the overall production of forgings in India was over 25 lakh Metric Tonnes in 2018.

Pradeep Metals generated over 175 crores in annual sales in the year 2018. With the market capitalization of Pradeep Metals growing rapidly year by year, we aim to adapt to the rising demand for machined components, and have taken up the initiative to set up a new machine shop within the existing plant by importing some of the high-end machinery from our step-down subsidiary- Dimensional Machine Works, LLC,Houston, USA. We continue to upgrade our plants, equipment, and infrastructure regularly by creating a lean process layout for assessing the needs of our inventory and reorganizing it effectively.

The Growing Demand of Globe Valves

For overcoming the problems of the conventional globe, high-performance globe valves have been gaining a lot of traction across many industries. These valves are majorly used in the

High-performance globe valves provide the following advantages:

  • Better flow capacity,
  • Better pressure handle and cavitation
  • Less noise
  • Easy manual operation
  • Overall operation

With enhanced high sealing performance and less hand wheel effort in the manufacturing process, Pradeep Metals uses state-of-the-art machinery with sophisticated tool-room equipment to manufacture its forged steel globe valves. We also use advanced analysis and high-tech design software to create dies, which enhances the production process of forging.

With constantly increasing demand in the area of specialization Pradeep Metal indulges in- Metal Forging, we aim to develop new forging products and expand our clientele in the upcoming years. In the upcoming years, Pradeep Metals will particularly focus on the development of machined forgings for the Oil and Gas industry for increased turnover and ultimately, better profitability. With the acquisition of the new 3T Hammer, the forging capacity of Pradeep Metals has increased from 8000 MTPA to 9200 MTPA, which helps us to cater to the needs of many industries and providing a diverse range of manufactured products.

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