Closed Die Forging: The Ultimate Manufacturing Technique

Closed die forging is a process that is usually used to forge small or medium-sized metallic components. This method is a major player in the forging industry because of many elements and factors merging into a single process that provides one of the most geometrically accurate results.


Closed die forging is also known as impression die forging. The process involves a forced flow of the material being forged through a closed shape which is called a “die”. This is a plastic deformation process and differs from other forging techniques. Unlike open die forging, plastic deformation is provided rapidly, which shoots up the forging material into the die, which makes it fill the die cavities, thus its shape. Technocrats at Pradeep Metals with expertise and experience in the forging industry make sure you get finesse and quality that you deserve in the finished product. WIth a state-of-the-art production plant with top-notch facilities, Pradeep Metals delivers nothing short of excellence.


There are many benefits to closed die forging, which makes it one of the most popular options in the die forging industry for small to medium-sized components. Here are some of the benefits of closed die forging which makes it one of the most sought out options in the industry:


  • High Strength
    One of the major advantages of opting this form of forging is that due to the internal gain structure, which helps in maintaining the continuity of the grain, thus, providing a stronger finished product. Stronger the product, higher the performance and durability.
  • Close Finish
    At Pradeep Metals, the forging dies are precision machined and help in attaining a finished product that are always net shape or near net shape. With closed die forging, you can attain near net shape products, which significantly reduce the post forging operations and help in saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Low Cost for Mass Production
    Since closed die forging delivers near net shape products, post machining operations are naturally reduced. Close tolerance and optimum surface finished products obtained from closed die forging ultimately means very less or no post machining operations and finishing. This helps in cardinally saving the costs for mass volume production.
  • Adaptability
    One of the best traits of closed die forging is perhaps its versatility with components. This method can be used with any form of metals in their raw form, or even alloys. Thanks to this, closed die forging can be used for the production of any metal parts which are small or medium-sized, according to the user’s needs.

At Pradeep Metals, we make sure all the parts are made with precision, and with the help our closed die forging production plant, we always deliver supreme finished products. Visit our website for more information and other kinds of forging we indulge in.